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Servicing your motorcycle is necessary to keep it in peak condition and ensure it will provide a safe ride. Motorcycles require different maintenance because the engines rev higher than car engines. This means that they run hotter so it important to keep the engine oil topped up and clean. Since there is no bodywork to protect the engine and braking components, they are exposed to the elements. This requires more attention to the maintenance of your motorcycle.

Motorcycle Tires

It isn’t widely known that motorcycle tires are not designed to last as long as car tires.  The rubber used to make motorcycle times is softer so that they grip the road better.  The amount of rubber on the road is much less than on a car, therefore, the grip is very important.  This extra grip means that the soft tire will wear out faster and harden sooner than a car tire.

As a general rule, your motorcycle tires should last five years.  You can have a old tire with tread but it can still be unsafe because the rubber is old.  Check the date stamp on your tire to determine its age.

Check your tires for defect.  Most importantly, cracking on the sidewalls.   Worn tires will not feel right when you lean into a turn. Consider the amount of rubber that is in contact with the road and these issues are magnified.


5 Signs Your Bike Needs A Brake Service

  • Your brakes are squealing or there is a sound of metal on metal
  • Your brake pedal is low or spongy
  • You have to brake harder to stop
  • Your brake pedal or lever vibrates when braking
  • Your handle bars shake when stopping

Motorcycle Oil Changes

Things to consider about oil change frequency are kilometres driven and the length of time since your last oil change.  Your motorcycle oil should be changed after 3,000km to 5,000km or once per year, whichever comes first.

motorcycle oil changes

4 Signs Your Bike Needs an Oil Change

  • The oil is black or gritty
  • The oil level is low
  • The engine is noisier than usual
  • The warning light is on

Contact Big O Tires Cloverdale for your Motorcycle Maintenance

Big O Tires is happy to help you with your motorcycle service.  Our friendly mechanics and provide you with a thorough assessment to keep you motorcycle in top condition.  We want you to feel safe driving your bike.  Visit us for service by our team of professional motorcycle mechanics.

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