Cooling Systems at Big O Tires Cloverdale

It is important to keep your engine running smoothly and your cooling system is a huge contributor to that. This is another aspect of your vehicle that needs to be checked regularly, as engine overheating can potentially cause expensive damage.

  • Antifreeze prevents freezing but it also lubricates the water pump, inhibits corrosion, and contributes to boil off protection.
  • Your thermostat is a valve that controls the temperature of the coolant and helps your car to heat up in the mornings and to cool the engine cool while driving.
  • Hoses and belts are affected by engine heat and can become brittle.
  • Water pumps are constantly spinning when your engine is running which eventually causes bearing wear.
  • All cooling systems parts must all be working properly to avoid overheating and water leaks.

Engine Overheating & Water Leaks

There can be several reasons for overheating.  You may have low coolant, a worn fan belt, a faulty thermostat, or a leaking radiator.  At Big O Tires Cloverdale, our cooling system service inspection includes:

  • Hoses for blockages, leaks or bulges
  • Fan belts for cracks and proper tension
  • Coolant for the level, condition, freezing point, and ph level
  • Radiator and heater cores for blockages and leaks
  • Water pump for leaks and bearing wear
  • Cooling fan for power and function
  • Thermostat for correct operation

Radiator Flushes

Why are radiators flushes important?
Your cooling system can build up contaminants of rust and debris over time, which can cause corrosion in the cooling system. The system requires a flush which removes these contaminants by forcing water and cleanser through it.  Simply draining the system will leave contaminants in the system.  Radiators flushes will help remove any build up in the radiator and lengthen the life of your water pump.

How often should I have a rad flush?
Generally, radiator flushes are required every three to five years, sooner if you notice any debris, rust or corrosion.  Check you owner’s manual for the rad flush requirements of your vehicle.

What can happen if I don’t do regular radiator flushes?
You can expect corrosion, sediment, and other debris to build up in the cooling system. Eventually, this can lead to damage in the form of overheating, leaks, water pump and head gasket failure.

Contact Big O Tires Cloverdale if Your Engine is Overheating or Leaking

Big O Tires can help you with overheating and cooling system leaks.  We provide honest and quality work at affordable prices.  We use brand name premium parts that meet or exceed new car warranty repair standards.  We want to get your vehicle repaired and get you on the road quickly and efficiently.  Bring your vehicle if you are experiencing any cooling system problems and get help from our team of professional mechanics.


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