Brake Checks at Big O Tires Cloverdale

It is important that your car stops when you need it to stop! Safety comes first at Big O Tires Cloverdale and that is why we recommend that brake inspections be part of your regular maintenance. In addition to giving you peace of mind, regular inspections will save you money.  Leaving inspections too long can make driving unsafe and result in expensive brake repairs.


5 Signs You Need A Brake Service

  • Your brakes are squealing or there is a sound of metal on metal
  • Your brake pedal is low or spongy
  • You have to brake harder to stop
  • Your brake pedal vibrates or your steering wheel shakes
  • Your vehicle pulls to the one side when braking

Brakes Require Routine Maintenance

Over time, the action of braking wears down the semi-metallic or ceramic material on your brake pads.  If left too long, braking will wear down all the material on the pads and will result in metal on metal, which will cause damage to your rotors.

Calipers house the brake pads and they fit over the rotors to act as a clamp when you slow or stop.  During braking, the pistons in the calipers are activated by hydraulic fluid through your brake lines.

The pressure from your brake pedal pushes brake fluid from the master cylinder through the brake lines to the calipers.  This action makes the brake pads grip the rotors and slow your vehicle.

It is important that all the components of the braking system are functioning properly for you to stop safely. Regular brake checks are recommended.  A good rule of thumb is to get your brakes checked every time you rotate your tires.


Contact Big O Tires Cloverdale for brake services

Big O Tires can help you with all your braking needs.  We provide brake checks that inspect all the components of your braking system.  We provide honest and quality work at affordable prices and use brand name premium parts that meet or exceed new car warranty repair standards.

We want you to feel safe driving your vehicle.  Bring your vehicle in for a brake service by our team of professional mechanics.

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